Self determination program (SDP)

Our flagship program, the SDP, is a program to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs)…

In-Person Theatre

Our program operates in weekly, semester-long classes that alternate between already established musicals and custom-made musicals where students perform their favorite songs and scenes…

Online Theatre

The Online Theatre Program schedule is very similar to our in-person Theatre Program…

The Dream Home*

The Dream Home will be a living space for participants to live and thrive semi-independently with a house full of supportive peers. With a 24-hour live-in/on-site caretaker, this program will teach safety and independent living skills to individuals who are serious about living on their own. It is intended to be a safe, long-term living solution that solves the parental dilemma: “What will happen to my child when I’m gone?”

*This program is our goal and dream. It is not currently offered, though it is intended to be launched in 2030.

For information on how to enroll and the cost of programs please contact us through the contact form or at

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