Melanie Kaufmann


In short, Melanie is a beloved teacher and cherished volunteer. Since Dream Catchers EDH’s inception in 2018, she has been our jack-of-all-trades in the theatre space and has offered sage advice and unique opportunities that have helped our organization blossom. Currently, Melanie is our private coach for theatre, offering one-on-one coaching to students who want extra practice on script and song. She has extensive backstage experience in costumes and wardrobe, wig design, and microphone dressing. We can always count on her to make sure our performers are dressed, wigged, and ready for performance.

“Because of my love of all things musical theatre and working with children and young adults of all abilities, Dream Catchers EDH is the perfect fit. Every week I am inspired by our students and staff. Dream Catchers is truly a place where everyone fits in. Our students know how much we care about them. I am honored to work with these incredible students and it is thrilling to see how much they have grown. I see self-confidence and pride in their eyes. The warmth and love we all have for each other is amazing.”