Jonathan Reis


Dream Catchers EDH has been the greatest joy of my life to create.

My heart fills with such joy for our clients and team members. 

We are a unique program that can’t be duplicated no matter how hard you try.

Our program is filled with such magic and love, and we welcome you to come and share our dream with us. 

Jonathan is a Recreation Therapist, where he got his BS degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. There he was introduced to people with intellectual physical disabilities. 

His senior project was a theatre for people with intellectual physical disabilities. This was a huge success. 

Jonathan went on to work with and was the head Recreation Therapist for those who had been inflicted with a stroke. He developed the first theatre program for stroke victims in the U.S. 

Jonathan then moved to Santa Cruz where he re-developed and ran the Recreation Therapy program at the Santa Cruz Rehab. 

From there he moved up to Seattle and followed his dream and went to a conservatory in classical theatre. He already had a musical theatre background. With this, he went on to perform throughout the U.S. 

Finally, Jonathan felt that he was meant for more and went on to start working with Intellectual physical disabilities. 

Jonathan was approached to create a theatre program for a group called the Wranglers. This was a group of people with intellectual physical disabilities. This program was an instant success and lasted for 4-5 years, until moving down to California.

Here he saw a need for a program for those with intellectual physical disabilities and got right to work on creating what is now Dream Catchers EDH.  


Phone: (209) 400-1334