Job Skills Program (JSP):

In short, the IDP is our pre-employment program, while the Job Skills Program (JSP) is our employment assistance program.

The JSP is for those who show a high level of independence in the IDP, and are ready to seriously buff their résumés for employment, and then find a job. Once these clients are ready for work, we will assist their job search and seek out businesses with opportunities for supervised internships, then supervised positions, then independent positions. The JSP will also offer assistance for qualified individuals to study for their driver’s license tests, as well as achieve certifications, trade school diplomas, and college degrees. 

At first, staff will work with clients to find volunteer opportunities tailored to their goals and individual strengths. An emphasis will be placed on participating in local volunteer experiences with job-like responsibilities to prepare them for employment. Examples include cleaning up trash at state parks, internships at dog hotels like PetSmart, volunteering at soup kitchens, and participating in the Adopt-a-Highway Program. This way clients become familiar with professional expectations and responsibilities and discover what their strengths and weaknesses are, all while making professional connections with local businesses. Clients will be supervised during volunteer hours.

During this process, we will schedule meetings with parents, staff, and clients to discuss which potential jobs would be a good fit. Staff will then make a list of promising jobs or internships, and assist clients in the application and interview processes. 

Lastly, staff will accompany clients in understanding and accomplishing job responsibilities and will oversee their progress toward independence at their new job. Their performance at the job will be monitored and discussed with the businesses to determine if and when the client is offered a position without accompaniment by DCEDH staff.