Autumn Gibbons BT

Autumn Gibbons, a musical soul with roots in Colorado, has recently transplanted her passion for harmony to the vibrant community of El Dorado Hills. As the Program Coordinator for Dream Catchers EDH, she orchestrates a symphony of inclusivity, coordinating outings and theater performances that create enriching experiences for participants. Autumn’s dedication extends to the Oak Ridge High School Marching Band, where she shares her musical expertise, fostering the growth of young talents. Driven by a profound commitment, Autumn is on a mission to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling, independent lives. Her role at Dream Catchers is not just a job; it’s a calling to create spaces where participants can not only exist but thrive. Autumn finds true joy in witnessing their growth within an environment that prioritizes safety and inclusion. In every note she plays and every event she coordinates, Autumn Gibbons weaves a narrative of compassion and change. Her melodies are not confined to music; they extend to the lives she touches, making her a guiding force for those seeking the path to their best, most independent selves.


Phone: (209) 443-0831